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If you use Schick or Dexis...please read this - 5/5


Gendex has made itself relevant again. Using Dexis' internal hardware, they are now able to compete very effectively against Schick, Dexis and others attempting to say their the best. Gendex beats Schick easily in the comfort and imaging departments, even when plugged into Patterson Image. Gendex beats its big brother, Dexis, by having a better warranty, being less expensive, avoiding Dexis' support team (sales) and also being able to plug into DexImage. If a digital office is considering purchasing new sensors, please check out Gendex before purchasing Schein's exclusive "Dexis" or Patterson's exclusive "Schick". My two cents. :)

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Direct USB and Amazing Images... - 5/5


I was fortunate enough to be the first dental practice on the planet to use the GXS-700 clinically. Our first set of bitewings brought "oohs & ahs" from the staff. The images are just incredible and I would put them up against images from any other sensor. They come in both a size 1 and a size 2. The other big advantage is their direct USB interface. That means there is no "box" that the sensor connects to. The sensor plugs directly into the USB port of the operatory computer and is ready to go. This helps cut costs since the "boxes" other sensors connect to are generally over $1K and are needed in every operatory. The GXS-700 sensors in our office have been workhorses and continue to impress every day.

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