Carestream CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner Information

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With the CS 3500 intraoral scanner*, practitioners can easily acquire true color, 3D images that can be used with CS Restore software to design crowns within their practice. Requiring no external heater, powder or trolley system, the CS 3500 features high-angulation scanning of up to 45 degrees and a depth of 16 mm. Additionally, this intraoral scanner includes a light guidance system that navigates the user through the image acquisition process, so the practitioner does not have to watch the monitor to ensure the image is being captured accurately.

* Work In Progress – not available for sale pending medical device regulatory clearances and registrations.

Faster Scan Speed

The CS 3500 does not require users to spray powder over the patient’s teeth and gingival tissue prior to scanning. This creates a much more comfortable experience for the patient while reducing the amount of time needed to acquire an intraoral scan. Additionally, the intraoral scanner has an internal heater so the mirror doesn’t fog during digital impression acquistion.

Superb Image Quality

The CS 3500 delivers 3D images in high resolution (1024 X 768) and in true color. Colored 3D scans allow practitioners to easily define the margin lines and identify the differences between natural tooth structure and existing restorations. This makes restoration planning more accurate for practitioners. Additionally, true color images help patients visualize their cases.

Light Guidance System

With other intraoral scanners, users must watch the monitor during scanning to ensure that images are being captured accurately. The CS 3500 has a light guidance system that lets practitioners focus on mouths instead of monitors. It uses colored lights to guide the practitioner through the image acquisition process. A green LED light illuminates when a scan is properly captured, while an orange LED light shines when a scan needs to be recaptured.

Portable for Easy Sharing

The CS 3500 can be easily shared between operatories because there is no heavy trolley to push around. Additionally, the intraoral scanner connects via USB 2 cable* to any PC workstation or laptop.

*Requires 64 bit version of Windows 7

Lightweight Hand Piece

The CS 3500’s sleek, lightweight design (295 grams) makes it comfortable and easy for users to navigate the intraoral scanner around patients’ mouths, especially during full arch acquisitions.

Disposable and Autoclavable Tips

While other intraoral scanners feature fixed tips that can’t be removed and/or autoclaved, the CS 3500 includes disposable tips that can be autoclaved up to eight times. Since one size does not fit all, the scanner tips are available in two sizes, a standard tip for adults and a smaller tip for children.

Easy Acquisition Software

With just a few clicks, practitioners can acquire an image within the CS 3500’s acquisition software. The software offers a high success rate of automatic bite registrations to help improve productivity.