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Air Techniques ScanX Swift dental radiography system

Said to be fast and easy to use, the ScanX Swift is a chairside digital x-ray system that offers better value and greater patient comfort.  The system’s flexible cordless sensors provide diagnostic clarity, while its compact design fits in any operatory.  Able to produce sharp images in nine seconds or less, the ScanX Swift reduces the need for multiple retakes by providing a larger image area.

Features and Benefits

Patient comfort

  • Flexible sensors are ten times thinner than rigid sensors, allowing for simpler placement and greater access to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth
  • Swift sensors come in sizes 0, 1 and 2 to accommodate all patients, including children
  • Ideal for patients with pronounced tori, small mouths or painful conditions

Diagnostic clarity

  • Capture 17% to 38% more image area
  • Examine the entire coronal-to-apical length in a single capture
  • Accumulate additional mesial distal-information in fewer retakes

Image quality

  • Clear, high-contrast digital images  in nine seconds


  • ScanX Swift is a chairside digital image system that fits in any dental operatory
  • No messy, expensive chemicals
  • Wireless sensors mean no tangles or tripping over cords

Smooth workflow

  • ScanX Swift is compatible with nearly every patient management or imaging software
  • Produces chairside images in less time than rigid sensors